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22nd April 2010 | World Cup Betting category: World Cup Betting & Odds
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When looking at World Cup betting odds, it is often easy to forget that all matches have the potential of finishing in a draw. It has as much chance of happening at kick off, as a win/loss result does, and it is something which a punter should bear in mind throughout the tournament. Unexpected draws do happen, and while the stronger teams at the World Cup will start as clear favourites, especially going up against group minnows, it is the teams which are expected to finish second in the group which should generate the most interest in drawing matches. Those kind of stubborn teams which base their game on defence and closing the opposition down from the start, in the hope of snatching a break away goal. There is  often a great fear of losing which makes teams hesitant to take too much of an attacking approach to a game. This is unfortunate, but it happens, and it can lead to drawn matches.

Predicting World Cup Draws
Remember playing the pools on a Saturday, and trying to pick out score draws from the list of forthcoming fixtures? Picking a drawn match in World Cup Betting is not easy, for on the flip side of teams which take a somewhat defence first approach to proceedings, teams like Brazil, Argentina and Spain enjoying rampaging forward and displaying their attacking powers. The teams which are further down the list of World Cup Outright betting, are the ones more likely to draw matches, the teams which are deemed average sides. The likes of France and Portugal for example are clearly going to be better than the likes of Australia and New Zealand, but the former can be classed as middle of the road teams as they will probably struggle against higher quality opposition.

Because drawn matches are harder to predict, there are often decent prices to pick up, and the option should not be ignored. Through the group stages, which contain the bulk of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches, there are matches which will be hard to pick a winner out of, and these should be carefully considered. One of the great options on trying to pick drawn matches, is looking at the Draw No Bet Option, or its Asian Handicap betting equivalent of “0 Goals” for a team. What these options for World Cup Fixtures mean, is that you will back a team to win, but if they do happen to get held to a draw, then you will get a stake refund. Naturally the odds on Draw No Bet selections will be a lot shorter than backing a team straight out to draw a match. Still, the option gives a certain level of coverage all the same, even though you don’t win on a drawn match, at least you won’t lose.

World Cup Kncokout Stage Bets
One of the important factors to remember when betting on the knockout phase of tournament football, is that the fixed odds outright bets will probably only be covered by the main 90 minute result. Whatever happens in extra time is not going to count, so let’s say England play Serbia in the last 16 knockout stage. If you have backed England to win against their European counterparts, but the underdogs hold out for a draw in 90 minutes, only for England to go on and win in extra time, your bet likely won’t stand as it will only be covered by regulation time and nothing else. If you bet on a draw, then you will be enjoying your profits. However, to cover yourself on the eventuality of extra time and penalties in the knockout stages of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, there are always options to pick out “To Qualify” bets on individual matches at your online bookmaker. These shorter priced selections allow you to pick a winner, regardless of what manner that victory is achieved in.

World Cup Penalty Shoot Outs
There is one more thrilling counterpart to drawn matches to watch out for if you are betting on England at the World Cup. That is the penalty shoot-out, which fans and punters will either love or hate. There is a reasonable chance that at least one of the top four favourites to win the World Cup, may face penalties along the way. Extra time at the World Cup is one of those realty tense half hours of international football, and that old fear of losing, again makes teams hesitant, and can lead to the nail biting event of a World Cup penalty shoot out for survival. Look at the last World Cup Final between France and Italy, which went to a shoot-out to settle the final! Italy won that, and the defending World Cup Champions are the specialists at getting through drawn matches after extra time, while Germany are the Penalty Shoot Out kings. Draws happen, and it is worth mentioning and looking at in World Cup football betting, because it can be a diamond in the rough of drawn match betting, especially when it comes to enjoying Live In Play betting for the finals.

Drawn Match, Extra Time and Penalty Shoot Out Records:

Brazil Penalty Shoot Outs
Lost 3-4 against France in 86
Won 3-2 against Italy in 94
Won 4-2 against Holland in 98
AET Record: W2, D1 L0
Brazil have drawn 15.2% of all their World Cup Matches

England Penalty Shoot Outs

Lost 3-4 against West Germany in 90
Lost 3-4 against Argentina in 98
Lost 1-3 against Portugal in 06
AET Record: W3, D1, L1
Have drawn 23.6% of their World Cup Matches

Argentina Penalty Shoot Outs

Won 3-2 against Yugoslavia in 90
Won 4-3 against Italy in 90
Won 4-3 against England in 98
Lost 2-4 against Germany in 06
AET Record: W2, D0, L0
Have drawn 20% of their World Cup Matches

Italy Penalty Shoot Outs

Lost 3-4 against Argentina in 90
Lost 2-3 against Brazil in 94
Lost 3-4 against France in 98
Won 5-3 against France in 06
AET Record: W5, D1, L0 (+1 golden goal victory)
Have drawn 24.6% of their World Cup Matches

Germany Penalty Shoot Outs

Won 5-4 against France in 82
Won 4-1 against Mexico in 86
Won 4-3 against England in 90
Won 4-2 against Argentina in 06
AET Record: W1, D1, L3
Have drawn 20.6% of their World Cup Matches

France Penalty Shoot Outs

Lost 4-5 against West Germany in 82
Won 4-3 against Brazil in 86
Won 4-3 against Italy in 98
Lost 3-5 against Italy in 06
AET Record: W1, D0, L1 (+1 golden goal victory)
Have drawn 19.6% of their World Cup Matches

Spain Penalty Shoot Outs

Lost 4-5 against Belgium in 86
Won 3-2 against Rep. of Ireland in 02
Lost 3-5 against South Korea in 02
AET Record: W0, D1, L1
Have drawn 24.4% of their World Cup Matches

Holland Penalty Shoot Outs

Lost 2-4 against Brazil in 98
AET Record: W0, D0, L2
Have drawn 27.7% of their World Cup Matches

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