England look ahead to FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw

30th November 2009 | World Cup Betting category: Football World Cup News
Football World Cup News

England supporters will be watching with interest all week, ahead of the World Cup 2010 draw which takes place in Cape Town on Friday. It is fair to assume that England will be one of the seeding draw, but nothing will be finalised until the FIFA Executive Committee have convened to discuss all matters of footballing events around the world. The Committee, chaired by President Joseph Blatter, will meet twice in two days to clear the air about a whole host of things, including reviews of qualifying for the World Cup itself, betting irregularities in the game and refereeing (or match control as FIFA like to call it). But it is the date beyond those meetings, on December 4th to which football fans all across the world will be looking towards. For there, in the evening hours, the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw will take place.

The stage, literally, has been set, with the Cape Town International Convention Centre looking fantastic as it awaits to be filled by representatives from the qualified nations. As no-one knows exactly who the seeded teams will be just yet, for FIFA has to decide on some finer items about how they determine points, the teams likely to be on the cusp of making it as a seeded nation or not, are Holland, France, Portugal and Argentina. FIFA World Ranking points and points awarded for past performances at World Cups are taken into a formula. Whether FIFA go for 2 or 3 years of past performance, and whether or not they include points gained for November FIFA World Rankings or not, is still up in the air.

As far as England and the World Cup 2010 Draw are concerned, some assumptions can be drawn by looking at past history of FIFA’s seeding and grouping methodology. The draw will likely be separated into four pots and it will be safe to assume that England will be a part of the seeded pot (which also includes hosts South Africa). Despite some sour words from Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson about England’s chances (15/2 at Expekt), which, according to him, pale in comparison to that of Brazil’s (5/1 at Paddy Power), England for once, go into a tournament with a little more than patriotic enthusiasm behind them. Under the new regime of boss Fabio Capello, England are being seen as one of the main threats.

So who can England and Fabio Capello expect to meet at the World Cup finals? Of course there are 31 other teams participating, but the list of opponents are narrowed because of the groupings. Because of supplying the largest amount of teams from a qualifying zone, European teams are largely kept apart, as no more than two can be in a group. Other nations from the same zones are to be kept apart too, and all that will be controlled by the four pots which FIFA will settle on.

Who England could be in a Group with at the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw?

1) England (seeded team)
2) One other European team: This could include Portugal and Holland, because looking at the likely seeds being Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Argentina, France, that will mean Cristiano Ronaldo and co. will be floating around the draw. There can be no more than two European teams to a group though.
3) One team from Asia, Oceania and CONCACAF: This is probably the weakest group in technical terms, but full of gutsy, gung-ho teams like Japan, USA and Australia.
4) One team from South America and Africa: This is definitely not a weak group. The likes of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Paraguay, Chile and maybe Argentina (if they are not seeded) could add a very difficult opponent to the seeded teams.

What does this mean? It could mean that at the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw, England could technically draw (just as one example) Portugal, USA and Ivory Coast, which would make for a fascinating and tough group to get out of. It does beg the question of which Fabio Capello and England fans would prefer to see drawn into their group at the World Cup 2010 Draw. Holland or Portugal? They know they will be facing another European team, but drawing one of those would be a bigger headache than Slovenia or Switzerland, one would think. But then, on the other hand, the 32 teams there have all come through tough qualifying campaigns and are in the World Cup 2010 Draw on merit.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 Draw itself begins at 7pm on Friday, December 4th, and the ceremony will be broadcast all around the world to over 200 countries. Looking at the African-inspired scenery for the draw, it should be a fantastic spectacle, and one which gives a lot of promise that South Africa will deliver a spectacular footballing treat next year. It has taken over a year of preparation to get to this point, and now the stage is up, the coaches from the respective nations have booked their seats, rehearsals are under way and eager fans are looking forward to the ninety-minute spectacle that will be the FIFA 2010 World Cup Draw.

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