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Football World Cup Legends

Here is the list of some of the Greatest Players to play in the World Cups.
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  • ADEMIR- -Top-scorer of the 1950 World Cup.

  • R. BAGGIO -One of the greatest stars of the past three World Cups

  • BANKS -Even more so than Yashin, the greatest goalkeeper of the World Cup. 

  • BECKENBAUER -One of the greatest player and leader in World Cup history. 

  • BUTRAGUENO--The greatest Spanish player in the World Cup and one of the few players to have scored four goals in a match. 

  • B. CHARLTON--Star of 1966 and 1970 tournament.

  • CRUYFF--The greatest player of the 1974 World Cup and the greatest Dutch player of all-time.

  • CUBILLAS--One of the greatest World Cup players of the seventies. 

  • DIDI--Two-time World Cup player and one of the world's greatest playmaker.  Didi was the orchestrator of Brazil's two World Cup winning teams.

  • EUSEBIO--Top-scorer of the 1966 World Cup.  He was one of the greatest stars of the competition.

  • FONTAINE--Top scorer of the 1958 World Cup.  With 13 goals, he was the highest scorer of one World Cup. 

  • GARRINCHA--The greatest player as well as joint top-scorer in the 1962 World Cup. Also the best winger in the entire history of the competition.

  • GERSON--The greatest midfielder of the 1970 World Cup and arguably the greatest passer of all-time. 

  • HURST--Hat-trick hero of the 1966 World Cup Final

  • JAIRZINHO--After Garrincha, Jairzinho was the most successful right-winger in World Cup history. Played in three World Cups.

  • KEMPES--Top scorer in 1978 with 6 goals.

  • KOCSIS--Top scorer of the 1954 World Cup.  One of the greatest headers of the ball.

  • LEONIDAS--Top-scorer of the 1938 World Cup

  • LINEKER--Top-scorer in Mexico '86 and one of the greastest scorers of the World Cup.

  • MALDINI--One of the world's finest defenders. 

  • MARADONA--One of the greatest and  also the most controversial player in the World Cup

  • MATTHAUS--Captain of the 1990 cup-winning German side.   One of the 2 players to have played 5 World Cups.

  • MEAZZA--Two-time World Cup winner and captain of the 1938 winning team.  Meazza was the greatest European player in the pre-war World Cups.

  • MILLA--The greatest African star and the best "oldie" in World Cup history.  

  • MOORE--Captain of 1966 World Cup winning team.  One of the greatest defenders of the World Cup and arguably the best tackler in the game.  

  • MULLER--The greatest ever goal-scorer in World Cup history.

  • PASSARELLA--1978 World Cup winning captain.

  • PELE--The greatest and most famous player in World Cup history.  Won three of the four World Cups he participated. 

  • PLATINI--Three-time World Cup player.  One of the greatest players of the eighties.

  • PUSKAS--One of the greatest players ever to play in the World Cup.  Captain of one of the greatest World Cup team ever.  Puskas was the world's most feared striker in the 1950s.

  • RIVELINO--Three-time World Cup player and one of the world's greatest in the seventies.

  • ROMARIO--The best player in the 1994 World Cup. 

  • ROSSI--Top scorer in 1982 with 6 goals.

  • RUMMENIGGE--Three-time World Cup player.  One of the greatest players of the early eighties. 

  • D. SANTOS--Four-time World Cup player and the world's greatest right-back. 

  • SCHIAFFINO--Member of Uruguay's 1950 winning team and the greatest Uruguayan attacker of all time. 

  • SCHILLACI--Top scorer of the 1990 tournament.

  • SEELER--Four-time World Cup player.  For many years the symbol of German soccer until the arrival of Franz Beckenbauer.

  • STOICHKOV--Joint-top scorer of the 1994 World Cup. 

  • WALTER--Captain of the 1954 winning team and the first great German player in the world stage

  • VARELA--One of the greatest captains in World Cup history. 

  • VAVA--Two-time World Cup-winning striker with Brazil. Joint top-scorer in the 1962 Cup.

  • VAN BASTEN--Marco van Basten was the greatest goalscorer of his generation.

  • ZAGALLO--The most successful individual in World Cup history, winning it 4 times with Brazil in various roles.

  • ZICO--Greatest player of the 1982 World Cup in Spain and one of the world's best in the early eighties.

  • ZOFF--Captain of 1982 World Cup winning team.  The greatest Italian goalkeeper since Combi and one of the greatest ever.

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